Transportation of Refrigerated Goods


We at Pro Intermodal LLC understand the technical requirements of transporting temperature controlled cargo. When you work with us, you can be confident your freight is properly monitored and transported at the right temperature and with the best refrigerated equipment available in the market.

Whether you are transporting frozen goods at sub-zero temperatures or shipping sensitive chemicals requiring a steady climate, Pro Intermodal is committed to providing the highest level of expertise and reliable performance on every single move.

  • We ensure optimal air flow through the trailer by continuously educating drivers
  • We assess your individual needs and offer the best combination of shipping solutions utilizing our company based assets and our vast network of carrier partners
  • We apply our transportation expertise to the handling of your commodity
  • We pulp all fresh vegetable freight before loading onto the waiting equipment and notify customers of any product that may not be at temperature
  • Daily transit temperatures are recorded and notified to customers

Contact us today to learn more about our temperature controlled transport options for short and long haul needs