About Us

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We are a logistics company operating in 48 states nationwide, providing great shipping experience to our clients.

Pro Intermodal LLC has been in business for over 18 years and is a premier transportation and logistics company, with coverage throughout the United States. Pro Intermodal headquarters is in Hialeah Gardens, FL. Pro Intermodal includes warehousing, freight management, truck brokerage. The quality of transportation is directly correlated to the success of a business. We understand that delivering products with minimal damage, and having timely deliveries can make a monumental difference to both store owners and logistics managers alike. We strive to provide the highest quality in shipment of both dry and refrigerated goods, along with container loads as well.

Pro Intermodal owns over 200 trucks also has hired independent contractors and team drivers. The main commodities of freight transported are retail store merchandise, consumer products, refrigerated, flowers, hazmat and other commodities.

Our company has been providing service not only to the South Florida community, but also across the United States for over 18 years. What has started as a small family owned business has evolved into a company whose culture and service invokes pride amongst all its employees. We take great care into ensuring that all transported goods are kept within appropriate temperature settings, and arrive in a timely manner. Customizable routes and deliveries are available, with options for pickup and drop off alike. Experience, integrity and quality are the three standards that have earned our company a reputation that any business owner would be proud of. If you are unsure where to begin or which service would be best suited for you, please contact us today. Our associates are ready to help you achieve the transportation of any good or service you desire.


Purpose Statement

To deliver world-class supply chain solutions to the global marketplace responsibly and safely while exceeding the expectations of our customers, shareholders and associates.

Pro Intermodal LLC is known for:

  • Top- of the line equipment
  • Productive, professional drivers who are safety conscious and deliver on time
  • Experienced, professional management team with substantial industry and company experience
  • Leadership in technology
  • Innovation in paperless logging technology
  • Family oriented
  • Newest Trucks and trailers

Pro Intermodal has successfully built a culture of family, safety, and innovation. By joining our team, you have the opportunity to grow your skill set and be a part of the top family-owned and operated business in the transportation industry. We recognize how important you are to keeping our fleet rolling and ensuring we deliver excellence. That’s why we offer a compensation package which includes a bonus at the end of every three months for our fleet drivers.

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